As it is most commonly used, namaste is roughly equivalent to "greetings" or "good day," in English, implicitly with the connotation "to be well". As opposed to shaking hands, kissing or embracing each other in other cultures, Namaste is a non-contact form of respectful greeting and can be used universally while meeting a person of different gender, age or social status.

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We passionately offer a motivating curriculum that is designed to alleviate pain, reduce stress, lengthen and strengthen the body, and inspire our clients to become the best that they can be.

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Deciding that you want to start doing yoga is the first step. It's easy to get stuck here, though. Don't be intimidated. Take that next step and start enjoying the pleasures and benefits of yoga.

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Our massage treatments range from Swedish to Neuromuscular therapy. We look to find the cause of physical pain and discomfort in the body then address its cause to prevent future reoccurrence.

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Amanda Brutus-Phillips is a State Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified and Registered Yoga Instructor. She received her B.S. from St. John’s University and her Master’s Degree from New York City College.

Oasis provides an intimate and comfortable home for practicing yogis. Amanda's approach has allowed me to discover a physical and spiritual level in my yoga practice that I couldn't have imagined. She is truly inspirational. I regret that I had to move out of state, but I still recommend Oasis to anyone who has an interest in practicing. Her classes are cleansing and unforgettable!